Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zen Cat Bakery back in Durham

I was contacted by Angie, owner of Zen Cat Bakery and asked to let readers know she will be back in Durham on Sunday July 31 12-5 at the Motorco's Marketplace in Durham (MotorCo Music Hall, 723 Rigsbee Ave, Durham).Directions to the market are on the MotorCo website. She features gluten free and vegan baked goods. See my earlier June post about this Greensboro bakery,here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

MEZ Contemporary Mexican, Restaurant Review

MEZ Contemporary Mexican Restaurant offers a gluten free lunch and dinner menu! This a favorite spot for busy lunch time traffic and a fun place to meet for dinner. Mez is located on Page Road in Durham, so very convenient from various RTP sites. A creature of habit, I have enjoyed the chicken soft tacos for lunch several times. Their food is very fresh tasting, not your typical fast food Mexican fare. They make their own guacamole on site and my server offered to bring me toasted corn tortillas to use for dipping. Their corn chips are not listed on the gluten free menu. I have been told by two different wait staff that the chips are gluten free but they are fried with gluten containing items, so if one is really sensitive to gluten they should be avoided. If you are thinking of trying MEZ out for lunch, I recommend you call ahead for reservations,919-941-IMEZ (1630) as they get really crowded during typical lunch hours. You can also go to their website and make a reservation through the Open Table link. Each visit my server has been very accommodating and quickly brought our meals and check so that we were able to head back to work in a timely fashion.

5410 Page Road
Durham, NC 27703

Lunch M-F: 11-4
Dinner M-F: 4-9:30/10:00; Sat/Sun: 5-10:00/9:30

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gluten Free Rice Krispies Arrive

SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! I had read about Kellog's releasing their GF Rice Krispies a few months ago. Yesterday I found them at the Kroger on Hillsborough Road in Durham. Beware, regular Rice Krispies are still on the market and still contain malt, so be sure to look for the Gluten Free option. The ingredients include: whole grain brown rice, sugar, salt, and BHT for freshness. Fortified with the following vitamins and minerals: iron, Vitamins C, E, A, D, B6, B2, B1, B12, and folic acid. A low sugar cereal choice, there is less than 1 gram of sugar per 1 cup serving. According to their website: kellog's Rice Krispies are produced in a gluten free facility and each batch is tested to ensure it's gluten free status.

Of course I had to grab some marshmallows too so we could make Rice Krispie treats for the Fourth of July. See picture of my red and blue treats. This made my family happy.

The box of cereal cost around $4.39, not cheap. The good thing is Kellogs offers lots of coupons for cereal, so this can bring the cost per box down to a more affordable price. I checked the price for bulk ordering on Amazon grocery which listed the cereal at 4 boxes for $15.90, so not that much of a savings there.

So whether you like your Rice Krispies in a bowl with milk or made into a bar, it is nice to have a gluten free option readily available.