Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Restaurant Review/Word of Caution: Jimmy John's "Unwich"

I stopped by Jimmy John's on ninth street in Durham for lunch the other day thinking their "unwich" would be a good idea for someone who needs to eat gluten free. The "unwich" is advertised as a low carb lettuce wrap; it is the same ingredients and price as a regular sub only without the bread. I asked my server for nutrition information or any information on gluten ingredients and he promptly retrieved the manager to talk with me. Although very nice, the manager was unable to give me any information. After checking out the website at http://www.jimmyjohns.com/, I still was without the answers I needed, so I sent in some questions to the company. I received a prompt reply with the list of gluten free options for my unwich which includes:
To my surprise their cheese and beef both contain gluten! They did not list their avocado spread on either list, I will keep checking on this item.
I returned to the store today and enjoyed a #4 Turkey Tom (fresh sliced turkey breast, tomato, alfalfa sprouts wrapped in lettuce). Ordering Tip: Because the sub buns are sliced in the same area as the "unwich" prep ask that your sandwich be made on top of the wrapping paper to avoid the cross contamination of the bread crumbs.

Durham has three Jimmy John's locations:

738 Ninth St.

5410 Page Rd.

1125 NC Highway 54 (New store, recently opened)

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~M said...

Hi! I live in Chicago but was checking out your blog in anticipation of my visit to a friend who lives in Durham later this summer.

Do you think that this list of GF and Gluten-containing ingredients/menu items from Jimmy Johns would be consistent throughout the country or location-specific? Thanks!