Monday, February 9, 2009

Useful Resources: Treats for Young Celiacs

I have been very busy the last week without much time to blog. I was watching my 3 year old niece who has Celiac Disease and her 8 month old brother while their parents were away on a trip. Since all of my children are much older now, this was a step back in time to the sweet days of infants and toddlers. Also new for me was feeding and caring for a toddler with Celiac Disease. My own daughter was not diagnosed with Celiac Disease until she was a teenager. My sister is raising her daughter on a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. I am an expert at watching for gluten, but now we were also were eliminating all meat, chicken and fish.

As an aunt I feel it my duty to spoil my niece a little, so I was in search of goodies that would be suitable for her to enjoy. The beautiful weather in Durham this weekend gave us the opportunity to enjoy gluten free ice cream cones outside on the deck. We love the Barkat waffle ice cream cones. They taste as good as the real thing! According to a recent email I received, the Gluten Free Mall has lowered prices on their Barkat products 25-50%. The box of waffle cones are listed at $7.56 for 10 cones. These were worth every cent to me, as I watched my niece lick away at her special treat.
I had also picked up some gluten free cupcakes from Rosie's Plate. Rosie's has a very convenient weekly delivery in the Durham area on Tuesdays at Duke Gardens ( I will be blogging more about this very soon.) She enjoyed a special frozen kids meal from Amy's that was vegetarian and gluten free, but best of all came with a tattoo inside! I picked this up at the Willowdaile Harris Teeter.

Music is fun and educational for children. Kyle Dine, a Canadian Musician, has produced a CD called "You Must Be Nuts". This CD has 14 tracks about various food allergies. Our favorite of course is "The Gluten Free Blues". I had down loaded this song to my i-pod several months ago and was itching for the chance to share it with my niece. Kyle Dine has a website and a free newsletter that one can request via his web site at

It was great to watch my niece giggle, dance and eat her snacks. She has been following her gluten free diet for about a year. My sister is teaching her that "gluten will make her belly sick" and she knows not to eat some of her baby brother's snacks because they contain wheat. She was the fourth diagnosed Celiac in our family and because her Celiac Disease was caught early she is thriving and growing just fine!

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