Sunday, November 27, 2011

Triangle Raw Foodists

I was recently contacted by Jane Howard Crutchfield and Matthew Daniels who are the owners of Triangle Raw Foodists.  Finally an option in the food truck world that works for someone on a gluten free diet!  They wanted to inform readers of gluten free Durham of this raw food option where all ingredients are gluten free. The following is their description:
Triangle Raw Foodists make raw food meals, that are also totally gluten-free, dairy-free, and meat-free.  We have a delivery service, where we deliver 3-4 days worth of prepared foods to people's homes each Monday.  We also have a food truck that can be found every Wednesday from 12-3pm at Ad Spice on Broad St in Durham.  We also have it at other random locations for events (you can see the current schedule on our website. 
For further details, menu items and contact information, you can access the website here.
Any gluten free, raw foods readers out there who have sampled some of the menu items?  Please leave a review of your experience.