Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cocoa Cinnamon

Durham just keeps getting better in so many ways!!!  I had been hearing about Cocoa Cinnamon from GF daughter and others and finally got the opportunity to stop by one Saturday morning. This place is much more than just another coffee shop.  They serve coffee, teas, sipping chocolate, beer, wine AND OFFER GLUTEN FREE GOODIES.  This is a place that seems to get the importance of providing a quality gluten free product that has low risk of cross contamination. The gluten free products are stocked from Zen Cat Bakery and Triangle Raw Foods, both of which I have blogged about before.  The morning I went we sampled some of the gluten free carrot cake.
Cocoa Cinnamon is located downtown Durham: 420 Geer Street, Durham, NC right across from Geer Street Garden.  The hours are great, so whether you are looking for some coffee to start your day or a glass of wine to end it , you can enjoy sitting outside on a picnic table or in the small indoor space. 
Mon – Thursday 7:30am to 10pm
Friday + Saturday 7:30am to Midnight
Sunday 9am to 9pm

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VeggieAmanda said...

I agree with you! Durham does keep getting better! I love that Triangle Raw Foods and ZenCat Bakery have a presence in Durham! I love being able to walk in to so many coffee shops and get a vegan and gluten free treat! :-)