Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gotta Love Gluten Free Deals at Costco

Costco is my husband's favorite place to shop...he loves going "hunting" for things in this store and look what he came home with tonight:  the large size 30 oz restaurant style Udi's bread, located right in the bread/bakery section.  This picture shows the Costco loaf cost $6.79 per 30 oz loaf and the 12oz loaf that you find at regular grocery chains and costs $5.69.
   Cost comparison:
   Costco Udi's loaf  is 23 cents per ounce
   Grocery Chain loaf  47 cents per ounce (more than twice the amount)
Thank you Costco, this is a great deal on a great product!  Costco does a really great job of offering a variety of gluten free products and labeling them well.

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