Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alivia's Durham Bistro, Restaurant Review

I love finding a restaurant with outside seating this time of year. I often drive by a place and wonder "do they have anything I can eat there?". Well I decided to try lunch at Alivia's Durham Bistro the other day. While they do not have a designated gluten free menu, they did have several things to select that would work in a gluten free diet. The lunch menu listed salads, pork tenderloin, tuna, salmon, shrimp, burgers, you can see the complete menu on their website for brunch, lunch, dinner and late night. Brunch looks like there might be some gluten free options. It is my personal opinion that you can tell much about a restaurant by your interaction with your server. My server was very helpful and not bothered to answer my many gluten ingredient questions! I did learn that everything is fried in the same fryer, so french fries were out. I also learned that the walnuts that were going to be on my salad were tossed into this same fryer, so due to cross contamination issues those were out! I usually always ask about the coating on walnuts, but that they used the fryer was news to me. My server also informed me that they use a pre-made stock for their soups, so that would probably exclude soups as a safe gluten free option. After a little detective work the menu was narrowed down for me and I enjoyed a yummy salad. I remembered to bring my own rice crackers from home so that was a nice addition to the salad. If you are driving around the BrightLeaf area and want to dine at a casual bistro, you may find some gluten free options that will work for you at Alivia's.

Aliva's is located at:
900 W Main St.
Durham, NC 27701

M-F 11-3 Lunch
S-S 10-3 Brunch
Sun-Thur 5:30-10:00 Dinner
Fri-Sat 5:30-11:00 Dinner
Late night until 2:00 am

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