Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twin Cakes, Durham Farmers Market

This is what you can expect from the twins Saturday, July 31st at the Durham Farmer's Market:
Saturday Morning Markets menu:
Cardamom Brownies
Plain brownies
Mint brownies
Blueberry brownies
Carrot cakes
Chocolate mint bundt cakes
Lemon pistachio scone
Sweet orange apricot scone
Chocolate chip orange scone
Banana almond muffins
Cinnamon raisin peach muffins
And more

Here are some raw items that you might see at the markets:
Cheez cracker
Rosemary cracker
Herb cracker
Pumpkin Kale Cracker
Collard green onion cracker (contains onions)
Pizza cracker
Sunflower seed cheez flatbread
Swiss chard black sesame seed flatbread (contains onions)
Purple kale chia flatbread (contains onions)
Kale hempseed flatbread (contains onions)
Kale sunflower seed flatbread (contains onions)
Lemon blueberry macaroon (sold individually)
Mint brownie squares
Mesquite banana bars

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