Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Products from General Mills: Asian Chicken Helper Review

It is almost time to send my gluten free daughter back to college. As she was thinking of easy things to cook for herself she came across the new Betty Crocker line of "helper meals" at Kroger. Based on the traditional hamburger helper theme of "one pound, one pan, one tasty meal", this sounded pretty quick and easy for a college student in her first apartment. We tried the Asian Chicken Helper, which called for a pound of chicken and 2 eggs in addition to the mix. The meal was easy to make and tasted pretty good. Although the package says it serves 5, we each ate about a 1/3 of the meal which provided about 466 kcals per serving. You can access lots of great information on products and recipes at the General Mills website Live Gluten Freely.

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