Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Expanding Resources At the Durham County Library

 The library was one of the first resources  I went to when I was first diagnosed with Celiac  Disease.  In 2006 I think there were less than 10 listings under gluten or celiac disease.... consisting of some gluten free cookbooks and Jax Peter Lowell book, The Gluten Free Bible, which I read cover to cover.  My first post on Gluten Free Durham three years ago mentioned the gluten free resources available at the Durham County Library.  At that time the listings had grown to 20 options.  A search in the library data base today yields 66 titles under the general keyword "gluten"!  Some of the older cookbooks are dated 1990 with the newest books released this year.  Remember when reading older  publications some information and guidelines may be out-dated.  Some of the older cookbooks are great classic resources, yet some of the newer books include recipes with healthier whole grains.  As always check with your health care provider on specific details in managing your gluten disorder.

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aj1985 said...

I didn't know there was another Gluten Free Bible! I'm going to see if I can find that one. Thanks for helping me come across it :)

"The Gluten Free Bible" that I'm familiar with I found through this page, and this one is also a very thorough source of information, it's what I first began to read for information on wheat gluten when I found I had gluten sensitivity and didn't know what to do.