Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Durham Intro & Gluten Free Resources at Library

Durham Intro
Zach has done the RDU area a great service by launching his blog, he has gathered an incredible amount of valuable information in a very short time, note his own diagnosis of Celiac Disease was less than a year ago! I am happy to have the opportunity to talk about living Gluten Free in Durham specifically. I will be speaking from the perspective of a person with Celiac Disease, a mom of a teenage daughter also diagnosed with the disease and combine this with my knowledge as a Registered Dietitian.

Durham County Library
When I was first diagnosed besides spending tons of time on the Internet I also went to the Durham County Library and checked out every book they had on anything to do with living gluten free. Durham has an incredible library system and a library card is free for all that live in Durham County. In the last several years Durham has tripled their holdings on books related to Celiac Disease or gluten free living with 20 available titles available to patrons. Most materials can be checked out for 21 days at a time, plenty of time to try a few new recipes and gather new ideas! You can even access the library from your home computer at http://www.durhamcountylibrary.com and have books sent to one of 9 locations or even the book mobile.

The information available to help educate those following a gluten free diet continues to increase; it can be overwhelming at first, but day by day it gets easier and tastier to follow a gluten free way of life.

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