Sunday, February 14, 2010

UPDATE: Gluten Free Pizza at Mellow Mushroom

I have posted a few blogs concerning gluten free pizza coming to the Mellow Mushroom in Durham. I received an update from marketing this week which stated:
As of right now, we have decided to have a certified GF bakery produce the GF dough for us.
According to this communication it seems the company was originally considering producing the gluten free pizza crust on their own, but have now decided it would be best to contract with a gluten free bakery to produce the crusts. Negotiations are underway and I am told gluten free pizza will be available in Durham in the near future.......I will keep you posted!

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Tiffany Janes said...

That was the plan at Mellow Mushroom - to make FRESH pizza but due to cc issues, they changed their plans. Better to be safe than sorry, of course. The only negative aspect was that IF the gf pizzas did well, the company was said to be considering making gf calzones and soft pretzels so I'm not sure if those ideas were scrapped or not. The test tasting in the Atlanta area has also been moved back.