Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PF Chang's Boasts 28 Gluten Free Offerings

PF Chang's continues to increase it's gluten free offerings! I received this information via email and wanted to pass it along to the Gluten Free Durham readers. PF Chang's has increased it's gluten free offering to include 5 new gluten free beef dishes: GF Mongolian beef, GF Hong Kong beef with snow peas, GF beef a la sichuan, GF pepper steak, GF beef with broccoli. You can review the entire gluten free menu here. I have reviewed my dining experience at PF Chang's in a previous post.

The Durham Location is at:
6801 Fayetteville Rd (across from South Point Mall)

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Lauren said...

This is great! I went to the PF Changs in Durham about 2 weeks ago and the server told me they were expanding the gluten free menu. Glad to see it's already here!