Monday, May 4, 2009

May : Celiac Awareness Month?

It is the goal of most folks living with Celiac Disease and my professional goal as a Dietitan to increase the awareness of Celiac Disease. May is proclaimed by many organizations such as the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and The American Celiac Disease Alliance and political leaders in various states to recognize May as "Celiac Awareness Month". The Celiac Sprue Association has recognized October as being awareness month for many years. I think we should take advantage of two months in twelve to really get the word out on Celiac Disease. What can you do?


The Celiac Disease Foundation has a color brochure you can download and print to distribute.
Challenge Your family or friends to go gluten free for a day or a week
Bake a gluten free dessert and share with coworkers
Host a gluten free party: preparing only gluten free foods
Tell everyone you meet that it is gluten free awareness month
Thank restaurants for gluten free options
Write grocery chains and thank them for caring gluten free products
Support local gluten free businesses
Write your gluten free story and share with others

If you do something really creative to spread awareness this month let me know.

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