Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ted's Montanta Grill-Gluten Free Update

I recently inquired about the gluten free options at Ted's Montana Grill. While in the past the restaurant would offer patrons a separate menu that listed menus and nutrition information for various health concerns including gluten free options, THIS HAS CHANGED. I was told by their guest relations representative that"While our restaurants are not gluten-free, we will make every attempt to accommodate our guests with special dietary needs. We are revising our gluten-free information as our products now vary by location. Please notify the manager prior to ordering so that we can check product labels for your guest. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our products will not come in contact with gluten during preparation." This is a good example of why individuals needing to follow a gluten free diet must make sure information is up-to-date! Look at the date of posts you read on line. Review the copyright date of books that you are reading. Look at the handouts that you were given from your health care provider, are they up-to-date? As the gluten free market grows and research continues we will continue to see more information coming our way, stay informed and stay accurate!

Ted's Montana Grill often offers various specials and coupons you can access their current one for $10.00 here.

Ted's Montanta Grill is located:
6911 Fayetteville Rd., Suite 102
Durham, NC 27713
P: 919-572-1210
Hours: Sun - Thurs 11 AM - 10 PM • Fri - Sat 11 AM - 11 PM

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Wendy said...

I ate at Ted's when they had the Gluten Free menu options and my dinner came with bread on my plate. I wasn't mad or anything I know someone in the back saw that the plate was going out without bread and put it on everyone's plate, but they had to make me a whole new meal while I watched everyone else eat. It's always hard to eat out.