Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dr. Oz and Oprah Giving Gluten Free Living Some Press

In case you have not read some of the GF news this week on other blogs. I wanted to mention what I read on Nancy Lapid's About.com. The Dr Oz show this week, December 10th, Thursday will be discussing Celiac Disease. Expected guests include Dr. Green and Elisabeth Hasslebeck. In our area this can be seen on Fox 50 WRAZ at 5:00pm Thurs. The Fox 50 description of the program reads:
The Dr. Oz Show Hidden Epidemic: When Bloating Is a Sign of Something Toxic (New, TVPG) Scheduled: Dr. Oz is joined by Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a discussion about bloating; a mother of three tells how she lost 80 pounds; ulcers and stress.
. The Dr. Oz site describes the show this way:
Bloating? Fatigue? Joint pain? Learn what serious disease presents these common symptoms.

Oprah.com is featuring the Gluten Free Girl and her husband with favorite gluten free holiday recipes.
Shauna James Ahern and Danny Ahern make up the husband-and-wife team of "Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef." Named of the best food blogs in the world by Gourmet.com and BonAppetit.com, Shauna and Danny create an amazing array of dinners, drinks, desserts and more, all without a hint of gluten!

Both sound interesting. I hope to check them out and to try the 36 hour chocolate chip cookies mentioned on Oprah's site!

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