Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mediterra Grill, Restaurant Review

I recently had lunch at Mediterra Grill, which offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Located in the Pavilion East, off Erwin Road, it is convenient for those who work at or around Duke University. There is casual sit down dining and take out is also available. The menu offers daily specials and a nice explanation of what ingredients are used to make an item. Example: Humus: chick pea, tahini, lemon juice or Chicken Hashwi: rice, ground beef topped with shredded chicken and nuts. The prices are reasonable ranging from $2.99 to $9.95. Take a detailed look at the menu here. The staff was very helpful in answering my questions and because you order at the counter you have a good look at the deli case and the items being prepared. As with all gluten free dining experience ask questions and make your requests known. I found this to be a good gluten free dining option. Note: They offer several gluten free dips, but bring your own crackers as pita bread is not gluten free!

Mediterra Grill‎
Pavilion East

2608 Erwin rd, Suite 136
Durham, NC, 27705
Fax: 919-383-0061

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