Sunday, January 2, 2011

Evalutating Your Gluten Free Diet in the New Year

As the New Year begins it is always a great time to evaluate your health and your gluten free diet. Speaking from my perspective as a dietitan and nutrition coach I encourage readers to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I satisfied with my current diet?
Are there areas in my eating patterns that I should improve?
What foods do I miss from my previous diet? Have I found adequate substitutes? Do I need to find a new recipe?
How did I feel about eating during the holiday season? What could I do now that would make me more prepared for holidays 2011?
Am I satisfied with my current weight, is it within a healthy BMI (body mass index range)?
Besides being gluten free how nutritious is my diet? Do I consume enough calcium? What about fiber? Other nutrients?
How many servings of fruits and vegetables do I eat each day? What are some ways to increase the amount?
What new foods would I like to try?
What resources do I need to better equip me in navigating the gluten free diet?
When is the last time I had a physical? If I have Celiac Disease does my doctor check my celiac labs on an annual basis?
In addition to following a gluten free diet, what other steps do I need to take to maximize my health?
What is the one thing I can do today that will help me improve my overall health and gluten free diet?

Happy New Year, Debbie

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Deb said...

Excellent suggestions for those of us on a gluten free diet, as well as those who aren't. I've added a link to your post on the Winston Salem blog. Thank you!

Deb Fox