Friday, January 15, 2010

Gluten Free Pizza at Mellow Mushroom: UPDATE

I was contacted yesterday by the folks at Mellow Mushroom concerning updated information on the gluten free pizza crust that I mentioned in my previous post. According to the email I received: The gluten free pizza WILL NOT be available on January 19th as they are still working on some issues with this offering. Further information from this email contact explains:
Within the past three months, this initiative has
moved from a purely theoretical standpoint to a point where we have
researched and developed a pretty decent GF dough. The Mellow Mushroom in
Durham will eventually be part of a gluten free test program in the near future.
So it looks like those of us longing for a gluten free pizza offering in Durham will need to wait a bit longer. Of course it is worth the wait if the final pizza crust is a high quality product and Mellow Mushroom adopts good manufacturing practices on site to reduce the risk of cross contamination at the point of service. The marketing folks at Mellow Mushroom have promised to keep me informed on their progress and when we can expect to see Durham as a test site. I will post this information on the gluten free Durham blog as I receive it.

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